1. The tester should follow and fit the requirements specified in the test information
  2. The tester should, as far as it is possible, try to follow our Five good testing practices, described below.
  3. The tester is not obligated to share information on social networks or rate the app if this is not required to be able to use the app.

Beta Family always has right of decision and will devise if a test report can be seen as complete or not. Testers that don't send in good reports will get a bad rating and ultimately banned from the service.

Five good testing practices

  1. Be mean to the app. Use your imagination and try to force errors. What happens if we disable the WiFi or cell connection during a download in the app? What about rotating the screen from portrait to landscape? Can I write letters into this field that expects numeric input?
  2. Describe expected outcome. If you think you’ve found a bug, be sure to explain why you think so by describing what actually happened, versus what you thought would happen.
  3. Try to reproduce. Any bug encountered should be accompanied in the report with steps for reproduction, whenever possible. “When opening the left-hand side swipe menu and selecting Settings, the app freezes and eventually crashes without any error message”. Any developer will tell you that this is extremely helpful for debugging.
  4. Be honest. As a tester on Beta Family, you have multiple roles: software tester first, but also a test pilot of the potential product. Would you ever use the app in a real-world scenario? Would you consider paying for it? What would it take for you to do so?
  5. Be constructive but never rude. You may well think the app sucks and should be put to sleep, but keep rude comments out of your report. Remember that you will receive feedback from the developer, so be constructive and describe ways to improve instead. It is surely more appreciated and a better way to become a top tester and make more money on Beta Family.
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